Managing Director's Statement


It took me two months just to come out with the name of the centre. The name BRIGHT KIDS™ crossed my mind eventually and I started off with a motto "For A Brighter Future".


In this line, teachers face many challenges which, at times, may seem overwhelming. Despite this, I find this career rewarding and enriching. To me, the main driving force in being an effective teacher is to teach with love and help every student ace in learning and living life. The end of every lesson should be the beginning of a new challenge and discovery for our students!


I believe the influence and impact a teacher has on her students is long-lasting. Whether a child feels treasured or insignificant depends on his or her relationship and rapport with that significant adult. Teaching is not just about providing book knowledge to the students. It is about imbuing strong values in students so that they will eventually become upright citizens.


We believe when your child joins Bright Kids it's not just your child but also your family that becomes a part of our centre community. We strongly encourage you to come and join us on this remarkable educational journey of guiding our children to love learning and become all they are meant to be.


Therefore, it is truly my privilege to helm Bright Kids and to have had the loyal and consistent support from our customers ever since our inception. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed customers, business associates, the management team and staff for making Bright Kids the success we are today. This achievement is as much yours as it is mine but let's not stop here. What we have achieved up to this day must be used as a platform for further growth.

Welcome to Bright Kids

Bright Kids is a Registered Franchisor in education where our programs serve children from 3 to 12 years old.