Kindergarten & Nursery

Bright Kids Kindergarten and Nursery Program applies Integrated Curriculum that makes learning...

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Tuition & Day Care

Bright Kids Tuition & Day Care Centre provides tuition, day care and homework supervision...

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Bright Kids Super Brain Licensing Program is specifically design for EXISTING Kindergarten, Tuition, Daycare centers, Art & craft centers.

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Super ESP International

In the 21st century Right brain education is an essential teaching tool that will unlock the creative genius of your child...

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Year 2017 New branches opening in Seremban 2, Kuantan, Denai Alam & Rawang!!
Stay tuned for more info...

New SuperBrain Program Licensing Center opening in Kuala Terengganu!!

New Kindergarten Opening in 16 Sierra Puchong!!
OPEN DAY 27/MAY/2017 Saturday 10am to 3pm

Enrollment for Bright Kids Kindergarten is now open for year 2017
Enroll your child now to enjoy special promotion!

New Tuition branch opening in Seri Kembangan!!
Open Day 6/Nov/2016 10am to 2pm

Watch out for our Car Cruiser Team on:
Thursday (3/Nov/16 8am to 1:30pm) at Seri Kembangan; Saturday (5/Nov/16 7:30am to 12pm) at Desa Jaya; Sunday (6/Nov/16 7:15am to 8:15am) at Kota Kemuning Quiz, games, and lots of freebies will be given out to the kids! See you there!!

New Kindergarten branch opening in Kuching!!
Open Day 30/Oct/2016 10am to 2pm

New Kindergarten branch opening in Melaka!!
Open Day 16/Oct/2016 10am to 2pm

Open for franchise. Call us now at +6012-385 9232 for more info!

New Kindergarten branch opening in Bandar Puteri (Puchong)!!
OPEN DAY 24/JULY/2016 (Sunday 10am to 2pm)

New Kindergarten branch opening in Jalan Ipoh!!
OPEN DAY 22/MAY/2016 (SUNDAY 11am to 2pm)

New branch Opening in Hanoi (Vietnam)!!
Our first Super ESP center for overseas market. OPEN DAY (10/JAN/2016 Sunday)





Welcome to Bright Kids

Bright Kids is a Registered Franchisor in education where our programs serve children from 3 to 12 years old.