Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESP?

Extrasensory perception or ESP includes reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

It refers to "imperceptible to or beyond reach of the senses". Our definition of ESP refers to the following abilties:-

  • Visual supersensory: the ability to see things when blindfolded
  • Auditory supersensory: the ability to differentiate between objects/things by hearing
  • Olfactory supersensory: the ability to differentiate between objects/things by smell
  • Touch supersensory: the ability to differentiate between objects/things by touching the object
  • Psychic ability: the ability to perceive information through extrasensory perception. The child will "just know"

Will the child be able to have all the supersensory functions after attending the Super ESP program?

Those who are touch dominant are able to detect colors or details on a flash card by using skin vision. Those who are auditory dominant are able to detect colors or details on a flash card by hearing. Those who are visual dominant are able to see blindfolded. What the eyes can see, the mind can see as well. Those who are olfactory dominant are able to smell the details on a flashcard. Most students will exhibit at least one supersensory function. In some cases, students will be able to exhibit all supersensory function.

I am not within the recommended age, can I still attend the workshop? Will my right-brain be activated?

You may still be able to activate your right brain if you are in the borderline ages (i.e. 13 to 17 years old). However, the success rate is lower. Fully grown adults have very low success rate.

What is the success rate for children between the recommended ages?

The success rate is approximately 80% based on historical experiences. Children who are more right-brain oriented have much greater success rate. In extreme cases, children who are too left-brain oriented may not be able to activate their right brain. For example, kids who reads a lot of encyclopedia at very young age suprisingly struggled to activate their right brain.

Can autistic/dyslexia children benefit from the Super ESP program?

The effect on autistic children are not certain. Some may show improvement, some may not. We cannot guarantee any improvement in your children's performance.Some dyslexia children have exhibited improvements after attending our program.

How long does it take to activate our right brain?

Most children's right brain will be activated after attending our workshop. However, some students that are too left-brain oriented (too logical or too analytical) may struggle and may have to attend more than one workshop in order to be activated. The key is to belief you can do it! After the activation, it takes approximately 3 months for the activation to stabilise.

What are the side effects of right brain training?

There are no side effects to our right brain training technology. However, you child may experience headache, sweating or heatiness.

The increase brain activity increase energy intake, thus more glucose and oxygen has to be supplied to the neurons. The tension in the blood vessels causes headache. This is good because it improves the brain function. After one or two months, the brain becomes clearer.

Too much activity in the brain makes the person sweat. Brain exercise is similar to body exercise.

Some children may experience heatiness as if hot water flowing down their back after some time. Some may not. This is the best because the brain starts to function to its fullness.

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