Blindfold Reading Methods


It is a fact that all parents want the best for their children. And for them to achieve that goal, all parents would sacrifice almost everything and would even go to great lengths for it to happen.

And when you ask them what do they mean about "the very best", almost all parents will say, to give them the best education. That is why many parents today enrol their kids in blindfold reading courses in the hope of making their kid a child genius.

But still, there is one question many parents ask. Why let them learn it when they can use their eyes to read? The first and most probably the best answer to that is by being able to read and see while blindfolded shows and somehow proves the activation of a child's right brain function.

And many people don't realize that right brain activation is important to improve the brains capabilities.


Once the right brain activation happens, a child's hidden potential will gradually happen one by one.
These potentials may include one or more of the following abilities :


  • Joyful and confidence personality
  • Super IQ
  • Speed Learning
  • Superb Intuition
  • Computer Calculation Speed
  • Perfect-pitch (music mastery)
  • Creative Talent
  • Sport Excellence
  • Multiple Languages Mastery
  • Photographic memory


While it is true that blind fold reading may look like unnatural and unbelievable that some may perceive as a magic trick, but the truth is, unleashing the right brain allows your children read, learn and memorize things much faster. This also boosts children's interest, confidence, concentration to learn and emotional management.


Of course, the next question parents would be asking is how does it happen?

Typically, a child who enrols in blind fold reading techniques will be taught techniques like correct method of breathing, brain stimulation exercise, listening stimulation, eye ball exercises, exercises to stay healthy, color stimulation, training imagination and photographic training.

However, even with these scientific techniques, many people are still sceptical about the whole idea. And many people would probably say that it is not a real thing. Keep in mind though that those people who probably said that it is not real are not practicing these methods.

And you should probably regard it as additional information about the whole idea. Just remember, that wanting your best for your children also means trying out modern methods with scientific evidence.

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