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In a modern society we are confronted with a wide range of increasingly abstract and interconnected problems. Successfully dealing with such an environment requires a highly fit brain, capable of adapting to new situa-tions and challenges throughout life. Consequently, we expect cross-training the brain to soon become as mainstream as cross-training the body is today, going beyond unstructured mental activity and aiming at maxi-mizing a variety of brain functions.

Continued practice is required for continued benefits. Just as you wouldn't expect to derive lifelong bene-fits from running a few hours this month, and then not exercising ever again, you shouldn't expect lifelong benefits from a one-time brain training activity. Remember that "cells that fire together wire together" - while the minimum dose described above may act as a threshold to start seeing some benefits, continued prac-tice, either at a reduced number of hours or as a periodic "booster," is a final condition for transfer to real-world benefits over time

Therefore, we had come out with two types of courses in our Bright Kids Super ESP program.

2 days Right Brain Activation workshop

  • This type of workshop is normally held during weekends and it is a foundation course in our program

15 Months Super ESP program

  • This program is divided into 3 levels.
    Students are required to attend two hours per week for duration of 15 months.
    The duration for each level is as below :

    13 months
    23 months
    3 Beginner3 months
    3 Advance6 months


There are several 2 days workshops for right brain activation that are held throughout the year.

These workshops are conducted by trained coaches and educators who have developed a series of activities that make learning fun and interesting.

By introducing these simple and interesting activities to your child in a right brain activation workshop you can give your child the best gift.

Optimum brain activation can result in your child entering the genius state of mind. Attending such a workshop and signing up for our one year course can indeed help your child become a more skilled individual and help her make her foundation strong for life.


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